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CDC EASES RESTRICTIONS “All things are lawful, but not all things are beneficial. All things are lawful, but not all things build up.” 1Cor 10:23

Joe and I attended a Zoom education from the Annul Conference Moderator Paul Mundey, Mark DeVries and Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen, an epidemiologist on May 16, 2021. The title is “What will be the new normal? Anticipating a Post-Pandemic World”.

This was very timely, with the announcement of the CDC easing restrictions, that we followed to help keep people safe from COVID and from possibly spreading it to others. The easing of restrictions is for vaccinated individuals. Several points were made by the speakers I found helpful.

We need to be aware of our local situations regarding levels of COVID exposure. Dr. Jacobson provided internet site where you are able to see what the levels are for your area. https://covid.cdc.gov/coviddata-tracker/#datatracker-home. You can also do a google search, covid tracking Virginia, and you will find it. There is a color map that represent risk areas. Orange and Red are high risk areas. Blue and Yellow low risk areas.

One of the first questions asked is “Can we sing in Church?” Outside is fine. If the region is orange or red, communal singing is not recommended. Dr. Jacobson advised that erring on the safe of wearing a mask when singing.

The guidelines are more for individuals than groups. Each person needs to make their own decision about wearing a mask or not, when away from home, or in close proximation to non-family members. There is no one right answer.

We also should be aware that even though some people are vaccinated for the COVID virus, doesn’t mean there is no risk. If you are exposed to someone infected, you may not get sick, but you can still be a carrier to someone else.

Deciding to follow eased guidelines or hold off and be cautious, is an individual choice no one else can make for you. We are in this world to serve God, not be judgmental of one another.


Advent Lunch December 19th

We will have service upstairs as so we can enjoy the poinsettias, and then have a pot luck lunch down in fellowship hall. Blessings on all. Any questions, please let me know. —Linda Anderson


Christmas Eve Service December 24 at 7:30 pm (note new time)


We are now recording our worship services each week! They are available on YouTube


Worship & Growth


9:45 AM – Sunday School for all ages

(Zoom 9:45 AM- 10:40 AM *New ending time)

10:50 AM – Pre-Service Gathering Music

11:00 AM – Worship

(Zoom 10:45 AM- 12 PM & Facebook Live at 11 AM)

(Nursery provided for infants & toddlers, Children’s Chapel for ages 4-10, *not at this time)

Every other Month

11:00 AM – Contemporary Worship Service


6:30 PM – Choir Rehearsal- *Cancelled until further notice*

No rehearsals held June – August

Adult Bible Study

We offer Adult Bible Studies led by Pastor Harvey S. Leddy. Everyone is invited to attend. It is offered on Thursdays 6:30 PM (via Zoom; NEW TIME) at this time from September-May.