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CDC EASES RESTRICTIONS “All things are lawful, but not all things are beneficial. All things are lawful, but not all things build up.” 1Cor 10:23

Joe and I attended a Zoom education from the Annul Conference Moderator Paul Mundey, Mark DeVries and Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen, an epidemiologist on May 16, 2021. The title is “What will be the new normal? Anticipating a Post-Pandemic World”.

This was very timely, with the announcement of the CDC easing restrictions, that we followed to help keep people safe from COVID and from possibly spreading it to others. The easing of restrictions is for vaccinated individuals. Several points were made by the speakers I found helpful.

We need to be aware of our local situations regarding levels of COVID exposure. Dr. Jacobson provided internet site where you are able to see what the levels are for your area. You can also do a google search, covid tracking Virginia, and you will find it. There is a color map that represent risk areas. Orange and Red are high risk areas. Blue and Yellow low risk areas.

One of the first questions asked is “Can we sing in Church?” Outside is fine. If the region is orange or red, communal singing is not recommended. Dr. Jacobson advised that erring on the safe of wearing a mask when singing.

The guidelines are more for individuals than groups. Each person needs to make their own decision about wearing a mask or not, when away from home, or in close proximation to non-family members. There is no one right answer.

We also should be aware that even though some people are vaccinated for the COVID virus, doesn’t mean there is no risk. If you are exposed to someone infected, you may not get sick, but you can still be a carrier to someone else.

Deciding to follow eased guidelines or hold off and be cautious, is an individual choice no one else can make for you. We are in this world to serve God, not be judgmental of one another.


We would like to thank all of you who have been so faithful to continue your support of Williamson Road Church of the Brethren throughout these trying times of COVID-19. Your support is so very important as the expenses of everyday operations and maintenance of the church continue. We appreciate all you do. Please feel free to mail your offering as we are checking the mail during the week.

Williamson Road Church of the Brethren 3110 Pioneer Road, NW Roanoke, VA 24012


Summary from Forum Sunday, October 17, 2021

This is not the minutes from the meeting, just a summary and what I have learned since the meeting.

We discussed exploring what is involved in changing from Full-time Pastor to Part-time. What will we need to do? How will this affect our Church and Pastor? I spoke with David Shumate, who will guide us through this process.

We discussed exploring a more straightforward Leadership structure for our Church. Again, we will be working with David Shumate to work through this process. I spoke with George Barnhart from the District Reconciliation team. He made an interesting comment I had not considered. He said other Churches are also dealing with congregations with fewer members. He said we could be a model for other Churches in coming up with a way of adapting to our new, now.

We decided to reduce the years of service on the leadership team and deacon from 3 years to 2 years. There will be an option to serve a second term but may change to a different leadership team role. So, when we start asking for you to help, please say yes. The current structure will be in place until we can develop the new one. As usual, nothing happens overnight with changes in the Church, and it should not change without prayer and planning. Brittany made a great comment; that we need to make sure everything will mesh with changes we make and make sense.

For the Treasurer, Teresa and Helen are investigating using a private company to free them up to worship and serve as they feel led.

We have a hospitality need. When people want to tour our Church space for possible use, the Pastor or Secretary must stop what they are doing to accommodate this request. I suggested to the Pastor that interested parties make an appointment after 4:00 because I can help with this. Still, I really want others to help with this as well. Let me know if you are willing to let people into the Church show them the areas they may use. We would then turn it over to Stewarts to authorize its use.

Linda Anderson Moderator/Leadership Team Chair


NEW BIBLE STUDY “Compelling Vision” Bible Study will be held each Thursday night at 6:30 pm (NEW TIME) via ZOOM. Contact Pastor Harvey if you are interested and he will be glad to help you order your materials and send you the link to the study.



Williamson Road Church of the Brethren WELCOMES our new administrative assistant- Rhonda Casey!



The Sisters of Service are hosting a monthly Bible study based on Max Lucado’s book Ten Women of the Bible. This will be a zoom Bible study on the second Tuesday of each month from September 2021 to June 2022. Meeting time will be 7:00 to 8:30 pm. Linda Anderson, Teresa Cooper and Terri Luzynski have agreed to serve as the initial leaders. Others are welcome to lead as the study progresses. All women are invited. Please let Teresa Cooper know if you need a book or if you need assistance with setting up for zoom. We look forward to exploring the rich Biblical heritage of these women!


WORSHIP LEADERS NEEDED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We are in need of Worship Leaders to help lead in our weekly worship services. We would like to have enough to rotate as many Sundays as possible. If you are interested, please let Pastor Harvey know as soon as possible!


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE WORSHIP MEDIA MINISTRY TEAM We are currently live streaming our worship. We need volunteers to help “run the service” behind the scenes. We need three volunteers to run the equipment from the back of the sanctuary each and every week to make live streaming possible. We are also recording the service and tying it to a YouTube account to show on our webpage. This is a learning process for all involved. David Bailey is heading up this new ministry and will help out as much as he can in person. We are in need of a team of volunteers to make this a reality. If YOU are interested in volunteering, please contact Pastor Harvey asap. We appreciate you