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Moving Forward!”

Psalm 85:10-13

10 Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet;

righteousness and peace will kiss each other.

11 Faithfulness will spring up from the ground,

and righteousness will look down from the sky.

12 The Lord will give what is good,

and our land will yield its increase.

13 Righteousness will go before him,

and will make a path for his steps.

We have been spending a lot of time in the Psalms recently. Our Bible study group just finished our study Reflections on the Psalms by C.S. Lewis. When you read the words at the top of this page, what do you think the Psalmist is addressing? I know reading the end of something does not always reveal what the content contains, but what do you think the author is speaking about?

Here are the first three verses:

1 Lord, you were favorable to your land;

you restored the fortunes of Jacob.

2 You forgave the iniquity of your people;

you pardoned all their sin. Selah

3 You withdrew all your wrath;

you turned from your hot anger.

Does that help a little? This is about forgiveness between God and the people of Israel. If you know anything about the people of Israel in the Old Testament, forgiveness was a regular part of the conversation. We all need forgiveness, and some days more than others. We are human, just like the Israelites were, and will stumble and fall. We just need a reminder that God will pick us up. A few more verses:

8 Let me hear what God the Lord will speak,

for he will speak peace to his people,

to his faithful, to those who turn to him in their hearts.

9 Surely his salvation is at hand for those who fear him,

that his glory may dwell in our land.

God will speak peace if you turn your hearts to the Creator. Have you spoken peace to ones who need forgiveness? That is moving forward. Please take the time to read all of Psalm 85.


Pastor Harvey